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3/27/2019 9:38 PM

Congratulations to Bella! Bella is the winner of our #MarchPuppyMadness. Thank you to Anderson Family Pet Center for the gift basket donation and $50 gift certificate. Thank you again to everyone who participated and all of our #DeerHillDogs. 🐾 #deerhilldogpark #deerhilldogs #nationalpuppyday #andersonfamilypetcenter #deerhillcontests #marchpuppymadness

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  • Good morning! We made it to Friday.
  • Today was Nick’s last day before he heads off to Ohio State. Help us wish him luck! We will miss him. Thanks for all of your hard work Nick!
#TeamFath #FathLife #LoveThePlaceYouWork #OH 
  • The start of a perfect pool day.
  • Meet our newest resident Yoda! 💕🐾
#deerhilldogs #deerhilldogpark #weareinlove #wethinkweneedanofficedog
  • Right!? Where did the year go?
  • Do you appreciate the service, amenities, and events Deer Hill 🦌 provides? 
The finest compliment we can receive is a positive review.

Good reviews bring good neighbors. Simply go to;

#fathsummerlovin #fathsharethelove #fathproperties #deerhill #fathlife #teamfath #lovetheplaceyoulive
  • We still can’t get over how fun our Summer Lovin’ Pool party was this past Saturday. 🔥

We have the best residents! We wanted to thank some of our vendors for donating prizes #carpetland #homedepotpro #cincinnatibell and thank you agian to @chickenmactruck.

#fathsummerlovin #fathlife #lovetheplaceyoulive #teamfath #deerhillpooldays #deerhillevents #wehavethebestresidents❤️
  • Thank you for attending our Fath Summer Lovin’ Pool Party! #fathsummerlovin #fathsharethelove #fathlife #lovetheplaceyoulive #deerhillpooldays #98degreesintheshade 🔥
  • Deer Hill Pool party is happening now! Come share the love with us! #chickenmactruck #deerhillpooldays  #fathlife #teamfath #fathsummerlovin #fathsharethelove
  • 🔥🔥🔥
  • ‼️EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING ‼️ An Excessive Heat Warning begins at 2 p.m. Thursday and runs until 8 p.m. Saturday. It will feel over 100 degrees, and heat indices will be in the triple digits. Tips to keep your apartment cool; - Keep your Air Cooling systems ON & set to AUTO and set them between 69-73 degrees. Do not turn it off or any higher. - Close ALL blinds and make sure windows are shut and latched. - Avoid using unnecessary lighting. Lighting can increase temperatures in your home. - Avoid cooking on the stove or oven when possible. Cooking can increase temperatures in your apartment. 
During excessive heat temperatures in some apartments could reach 80-85 degrees which is normal. Our comfort cooling systems are designed with the limitation of only being able to keep inside temperature about 20 degrees cooler that the outside ambient. Your Air Conditioner will need to run constantly to maintain a cooler apartment. 
Please also make sure if you are outside to stay hydrated. We offer complimentary beverages in the office. Please do not leave your pets in hot cars or outside unattended. We also offer fresh water for your pets in the pool breezeway. 
Please contact the office for questions. Thank you.
  • Now offering RECYCLING at our pool! Help do your part and place all recyclables in this new container. ♻️ (Please no glass is permitted in the pool area, trash, or recycling)
  • Join us for our pool party —-JULY 20—for your chance to win one of several prizes sponsored by our vendors. Get summer ready with this great gift pack from the Home Depot featuring; pool toys, sunglasses, cooler camelBak, Bluetooth speaker & Yeti style cup.

#deerhillgiveaways #deerhillpoolparty #fathsummerlovin #fathsharethelove  #homedepot
  • Join us 7/20 at our annual pool party from 11-2. You could win a variety of prizes including this #cincinnatibell gift bag filled with swag and a $25 gift card! 
#deerhillpooldays #chickenmactruck #deerhillevents #giveaways #fathsharethelove #fathsummerlovin #cincinnatibell

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